Help Desks &
Ticketing Software

Whether you're migrating from an older system or setting up a help desk for the first time, we're here to help from A-to-Z.

  • Pre-purchase evaluation
  • Initial setup and deployment
  • First help desk considerations
  • Migration to new help desk
  • Usage and efficiency audits

Sales CRMs &

Your sales team needs a system that helps close deals, not old software that slows them down. Here are just some of the ways we can help:

  • Pre-purchase evaluation
  • Initial setup and deployment
  • First time CRM considerations
  • Migration to new CRM system
  • Usage and efficiency audits

Knowledge Bases
& Documentation

Your customers and your team need guidance. Our team excels at crafting customer-facing material as well as internal process documentation.

  • Knowledge base setup
  • Initial help docs/FAQ creation
  • Internal team process docs
  • New hire onboarding docs
  • Team training software/LMS


Team Training

We've trained thousands of team members remotely on help desks, CRMs, etc.

Automation and Workflows

Automate simple tasks and provide your team with the freedom to focus on more important things.

"Secret Shopper" Team Testing

We can test your customer service or sales team anonymously and provide feedback + ways to improve.

Systems and Process Audits

Is your company truly taking advantage of all of your software's features? Are there ways to do more with less? We'll get you the answers you're looking for.

Outsourced/Remote Services

Ask about RidgelineRemote, our new, white-glove, fully-managed, outsourced solution for customer service to complement our documentation and software setup offerings.

"Expert on Retainer"

The learning curve for new vendors to understand your products/services can be costly. We offer the ability to receive priority service for time-sensitive questions or upcoming projects.



Certified Salesmate Partner

Is Ridgeline the right fit for my business?


Our typical consulting client:

  • Is a SaaS or CPG startup experiencing rapid growth
  • Has between 5-100 team members
  • Has gone through a seed or Series A funding round


Our typical RidgelineRemote Outsourced Services client:

  • Is an early-stage e-commerce business or SaaS startup
  • Is a team of 1 (hi, founder!) to 20 people
  • Is bootstrapping, has received initial seed investment or has closed a funding round
  • Needs assistance ASAP with customer service or sales development work


Please note that these stats aren't meant to be exclusionary—we'd love to chat with anyone! However, our team truly shines when partnering with companies like the ones above.